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Reproductions of IHM Stations


The originals of these Stations of the Cross were placed in IHM around 1900-1920. They are lithographs of paintings by L. Morgari (1857-1935). Each had a heavy wooden frame. These stations were removed from the church during the 1949 renovations and replaced by a more modern set of Stations of the Cross. The little wooden cross 'tops' of the wooden frames were retained, hanging above and numbering the ‘new’ stations.

 The originals are lithographs and were stored in the previous rectory* basement for many years, until it was emptied to make more classroom space. The each of the 14 frames and prints were to be sold separately. Polly Renaut's husband decided to buy them all, in order to keep the set together. As nearly as we can determine, they are about 100 years old. The natural fading and yellowing processes have left them quite dull. The moves and storage have resulted in some tears, surface cracking and discoloration.

 Some stations needed a lot of cleaning and repair before being photographed and reproduced. Artist Nancy Stamm in Carlisle, who has done a number of painting restorations, was given the task of cleaning and retouching these. Roy Wainwright photographed the stations and used computer photo retouching tools to restore the colors and remove tears and spots. The resulting images were printed and put into the original frames. The complete set was put back in the church for Lent 2012.

 We owe a debt of thanks to Polly, her late husband and son Dale Renaut for preserving and sharing these wonderful pieces of IHM history.

Follow the WAY OF THE CROSS with St. Liquori and the new images

*the rectory was on the other side of the cemetery, it was demolished some years ago.


Opening Prayer

Mary, my Mother, you were the first to live the Way of the Cross. You felt every pain and every humiliation. You were unafraid of the ridicule heaped upon you by the crowds. Your eyes were ever on Jesus and His Pain. Is that the secret of your miraculous strength? How did your stumble and fall, were you tortured by the memory of all the yesterdays- His birth, His hidden life and His ministry?

You were so desirous of everyone loving Him. What a heartache it was to see so many hate Him - hate with a diabolical fury. Take my hand as I make this Way of the Cross. Inspire me with those thoughts that will make me realize how much He loves me. Give me light to apply each station to my daily life and to remember my neighbor's needs in this Way of the Pain.

Obtain for me the grace to understand the mystery, the wisdom and the Divine love as I go from scene to scene. Grant that my heart, like yours, may be pierced through by the sight of His sorrow and the misery and that I may determine never to offend Him again. What a price He paid to cover my sins, to open the gates of heaven for me and to fill my soul with His own Spirit . Sweet Mother, let us travel this way together and grant that the love in my poor heart may give you some slight consolation.