Assistance for People With Disabilities

Church Access: The nave of the church is up about 1/2 flight of stairs. Handicap access is possible using the Social Hall door, coming through the social hall to the elevator to the main church level. 


An alternative is to use the long outdoor ramp on the North side of the church.

Closed ciruit TV in the Social Hall. Persons with limited mobility can participate in the Mass via closed ciruit TV. Communion is distributed.

Hearing Impaired:Hearing assistance devices are available. Please see an usher.

Men's and Women's restrooms are located just inside the door of the Social Hall. There is also a bathroom on the main floor in the Children's Chapel to the left of the altar.

Can we help?: Assitance for people with disabilities


Disabled Persons Advocate - Contact Roy Wainwright    (717)-619-7243 or for assistance with your or family member's disability.